Dummy variabele maken spss

dummy variabele maken spss

creating indicator dummy variables.
Data maken list free / race.
Recode maken the values of the variable by coding one category as a tekening 1 maken and the others as zero.
Compute iv (faculty c).if reference maken category were neither first nor last, but 3rd, DO repeat tekening seems handier than vector and loop.most examples below generate indicators from a nominal variable, called cat, that is present in the active file.Continue after entering the old and new values for your dummy codes, then click.Recode Into Different Variable, because you maken will transform the categorical variable into one or swot more dichotomous or dummy variables.Once it is installed, the procedure is available from the menu Transform- Create Dummy Variables.This opens a window that displays the variables in your data set.Making dummy variables in spss via syntax.For spss Statistics versions 18 and above, there surprise is also an spss extension procedure called spssinc create maken dummies.Select the categorical variable that you want to dummy code.Your Morning Latte, so!With either dummy the loop or DO repeat approach, you can assign less generic new variable names that do not have a common stem like 'dum' maken or 'indv but you need to list out the names in the numeric tentoonstelling or DO repeat commands. Click, old and New Values, maken which opens a stelling maken new maken display, showing old and new values maken for the stelling variable you want to dummy transform.
Suppose that you had a string variable named state with 2-character state codes and wanted to create dummy variables for 3 of the states.
Of these, the DO repeat spinner approach is somewhat more general, or at least easier if the reference category is not the highest value.
Compute iv maken (cat c).Under Old Value, enter the category value to be recoded.Loop #i spinner 1.DO repeat iv NewYork California Illinois maken / g 'NY' 'CA' 'IL' .(spss Statistics versions 22 and above install the Python Essentials and a version of Python by default as part of the spss installation.).Compute ind spinner i) (cat #i 1).Compute iv (state g).create 4 indicator variables for categories 1 to 4 of a 5-category variable called cat.On the Old Value side, select the All Other Values button and type 0 as the new value.Click the, output Variable name box and type a name for your new dichotomous variable.

make dummies, method.
Crosstabs /tables spss race by race1 /tables race by race2 /tables race by race3.
A person who identifies as one of these would be coded a 1 in the data set.


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