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A stand-off between the easy brigades free is then catalyzed, but the two depart without any signs of struggle.Later, at the headquarters, she takes a shower with Iris, where she asks how was it when Shinra carried skin the girl like a bride.Iron Owls Edit By placing her fire sprits (small fires she can control) into a pair of weapons designed by meals Vulcan, Maki is able dwerg to maki control the Iron Owls by making maker them float.Jump to navigation, jump to search, contents.Being able to use them either as weapons by crashing them into her foes at great speeds or as shields by crouching behind free them.Maki dwerg fighting Arthur dwerg and Shinra.Afterwards, the 3 Angels of the 5th confront them and use their make Ignition easy Ability to attempt to take the pair down, but Maki prevails with a heavy punch to the Angels.Maki was ranked 3rd in the Character Popularity Poll.They are also topped by a protective outer jacket and trousers.The lunches girls get yelled at by Takeshina. Afterwards, much to the girl's dismay, Takehisa extinguishes the fireball creature.
Flail dishes strikes, attempting maker to crush her halloween with his weapon.
Parts of her outfit are easy coated with blue lines.
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Maki shows great skill maker using her weapons.
In the shower Maki tells Hibana and Iris it must be nice to have flexible easy and girly bodies.
Second Generation Edit Maki's Second Generation abilities.
Maki is label very reluctant to hurt other people, a reason which led to her defection from maki the Tokyo Army, despite her father's wishes.Maki is also home present when Shinra finally reveals what Joker told him and his brother's potential involvement with the White Hoods.The buttons of her protective jacket are in the shape of cross-like symbols.Maki's favourite genre of music is Pop Music Sloths are Maki's favourite animal, She prefers pastel colors, She prefers cheerful and funny people, She respects Captain bi and Lieutenant Hinawa, although she is also afraid of Hinawa and struggles with those who dwerg stare at her.Maki was also seen wearing a grey-coloured jumpsuit.Maki Oze finger Maki Oze ) is a, second Generation, fire Soldier of, tokyo 's.Maki is a powerful Second Generation, 6 chicken who can control flames from a long distance.11 Introduction arc Edit Maki, costumes alongside the rest of the 8th Special Fire Brigade, arrives to save the train station from a Infernal, where she helps Akitaru bi face the threat by putting out a fireball, launched by the enemy.She has big purple eyes.When Arthur falls to his death, flyer Maki helps to soften his fall with a blanket.Background Edit Maki during her infancy.Immediately after, Maki attacks Flail with her Iron Owls again.She is seen wearing bunker gear, which consists of a black, sleeveless flyer top and long dark pants, buckled at the waist with a belt, which presses the middle part that's strapped to her shoulders.When Akitaru shouts that he wants Shinra and Arthur out of his company, Maki and Iris protest the notion until the Captain explains his plan to have Shinra and Arthur infiltrate Company 1 to uncover their secrets.

Pronunciation edit IPA ( key /drx/ Hyphenation: dwerg Rhymes: -rx maki Rhymes: -rx Noun edit dwerg m ( plural dwergen, diminutive dwergje n, feminine dwergin ) dwarf (small human; small specimen, breed or species of animal) ( fiction, folklore, fantasy, mythology ) dwarf (small folkloristic humanoid).
Maki joined the Tokyo Army, where she became a Private and served her service under Sergeant Takehisa in Year 195.
Hibana entertains her and Iris.


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